Information session on 'Obamacare' conducted at Gilmer Rotary Club meeting
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MIRIAM HILL explains highlights of the Affordable Care Act (commonly known as Obamacare) to Gilmer Rotarians Tuesday. At right is Roy Brown, who introduced her. The presentation will be repeated Aug. 27 for those interested.
Miriam Hill of the R. Brown Co. of Gilmer presented an information meeting about the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, to Gilmer Rotarians Tuesday.

She was introduced by Roy Brown of the company, who said they were presenting the information about how it will affect both employers and employees as a public service.

Brown said that, while the information was as up-to-date as they could make it, Obamacare “is a work in progress,” and changes could still be made in it. He said he or Ms. Hill would be glad to meet on a no-obligation basis with employers to help explain it further, if anyone would want more information.

He said their stance is nonpolitical: “ACA is the law of the land” now, and people need to know how to work with it.

The presentation, with a PowerPoint program, will be given again at the Rotary Club meeting at noon Tuesday, Aug. 27, at the Gilmer Civic Center. The public is invited and encouraged to attend, but those planning to attend should RSVP to the R. Brown Company at 903-843-5061 by Monday, Aug. 26, at 2 p.m. Cost of the catered meal will be $9.

Just as the R. Brown Company presented the information as a public service, The Mirror is presenting their slide show, beginning inside this issue, in its entirety:

Highlights of the presentation included details on thsee items (The presentation will be included in its entirety in this and upcoming editions of The Mirror):

• What’s Coming

• Requirements for All Employers

• Large Employer Groups

• How to Calculate Full-Time Employee Equivalents (FTEs)

• Employer Penalties

• Small Group Employers

• How Will Employers Offer Coverage?

• Small Employer Tax Credit

• How to Calculate FTEs for the purpose of Small Employer Tax Credit

• Essential Health Benefits Required for Small Group & Individual Coverage

• Individual Coverage

• Exemptions from Individual Mandate

• Subsidies

• Exchanges (“Online Marketplaces”

• IBAP—The Individual Payment Advisory Board

(EDITOR’S NOTE: A nonelected government board will decide what benefits and treatment you may receive, with saving government money as its main guide. This section of the R. Brown Company summary deserves special attention. Also, the ACA will be administered by the Internal Revenue Service. The union which represents IRS employees, the National Treasury Employees Union, is lobbying Congress to be exempted from coverage under it.)

• How Will Premiums Change?

• “Just Tell Me What I Need to Know”
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