Another chance for Severe Weather by the middle of next week...

Another chance for Severe Weather by the middle of next week...

It is definitely Spring time across the four state region, with high levels of pollen, flowers blooming, afternoon temperatures warming into the 70s/80s and also Severe Weather. A strong storm system moved through on April 10th-11th bringing hail, damaging winds and heavy rainfall with it. Click here to see storm reports or here to see rainfall totals. Well, it appears once again that the area will have at least the chance for severe weather by the middle part of the upcoming week. 

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Above: A look at the severe weather risk area for Tuesday, April 16th. (Image courtesy of the Storm Prediction Center) Above: A look at the severe weather risk area for Wednesday, April 17th. (Image courtesy of the Storm Prediction Center)



A stalled cold front will be situated just north of the area by Monday and as an upper level storm system approaches from the west, it will act as a focusing mechanism for thunderstorms across central and southern portions of the country. A series of surface low pressure systems will ride along this frontal boundary, aiding in the development of thunderstorms. The front should finally push southward across the area late Wednesday into Thursday, this appears to be when the four state region has the best chance for thunderstorms and possibly severe weather.



Above: On Tuesday morning, notice the stalled front that extends from the Texas panhandle to the Great Lakes Region. (Image courtesy of the Weather Prediction Center) Above: By Thursday morning, the front has begun to sag south and move across the area. Notice  a few areas of surface low pressure across northeast Texas and central Arkansas as well as near the Great Lakes. (Image courtesy of the Weather Prediction Center)



Above: Forecasted rainfall amounts through Thursday, up to 2 inches possible across southwest Arkansas and southeast Oklahoma. Image courtesy of the Weather Prediction Center)


Keep in mind: With this system still several days away, there may be some changes to the forecast. Pay attention to the most recent National Weather Service forecasts, outlooks and statements as this storm system approaches.

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